April 16, 2017 Senior Spotlight: Dylan DeLeon

posted Apr 30, 2017, 11:14 PM by Joe Cordova   [ updated Apr 30, 2017, 11:15 PM ]

Dylan DeLeon has been a Rockcrusher for five years as he began attending Knippa in the eighth grade. At the recent State Team Tennis Meet in Round Rock, Dylan had what he considered a funny experience. He ventured off alone to buy something and got lost in the mall. The team had gotten onto the bus, realized he was not already there, and then proceeded to drive around the mall looking for him. Fortunately, they found one another. It was probably one of those experiences that one laughs about later, well after all are safely on the bus headed back to Knippa. What Dylan remembers fondly was an initial experience he had with the late Mrs. Merlyn Schneider, counselor at the time. He went in for his initial school interview and by this own words, "I was the most disrespectful kid in the world. At the end of the meeting, she set me straight and made me realize that coming to Knippa was going to be a whole new environment." As he prepares to graduate, what Dylan feels he will miss the most are the students, "from the smallest grade to the senior class. "He will also" miss the staff, who helped me become who I am today. "Most of all, he will miss tennis. He appreciates Coach Jerry Radicke and Coach Beth Speer. "who have made him love the sport more than he ever had before." Dylan has participated in tennis, OAP, and Knippa Music Club (Penguin Sunset). He has received the Coaches Award for Tennis. He will receive his Associate of Arts degree from SWTJC in May. The advice that he has for other students is "Don't be afraid to be yourself, and never leave anybody out. It's better to make the right decision than the popular one. And, most importantly, if you ever love doing something positive, don't let anyone or anybody stop you from doing it." Dylan plans to attend Sam Houston State University to get a psychology degree. He would like to one day work at a children's hospital as a psychologist. Of course, he will always continue making music. Rap on, Dylan.