Knippa Powerlifting News - Uvalde Womens Meet

posted Jan 28, 2019, 6:15 PM by Joe Cordova

The Lady Crushers competed on Saturday at the Uvalde Powerlifting Invitational on Saturday. Tressa Reading, Erin Garza and Claire Dean all medaled in their respected weight classes. All the teams Knippa competed against were 4A-6A.

Tressa Reading took second in a very competitive weight class. Tressa squatted 270 pounds, bench pressed 170 pounds, and deadlifted 245 pounds. Her combined total for all three lifts was 685 pounds. She reached her personal best on all three lifts. Currently Tressa is in 12th in the region. If she can hold that spot, she will advance on to regionals.

Claire Dean placed fourth in the meet, but hit her personal best on all three lifts. Claire squatted 225 pounds, bench pressed 125 pounds and deadlifted 250 pounds. She had a combined total of 600 pounds, putting her in the Knippa 600 pound club. Both her and Tressa are the only two females to accomplish this at Knippa. If Claire can keep her 2nd place standing in 1A/2A, she will move on to regionals.

Erin Garza took fifth place and hit her personal best in squat and deadlift. Erin squatted 190 pounds, bench pressed 85 pounds and deadlifted 190 pounds. Her combined total was 465 pounds. Erin worked hard to drop down to a lower weight class to compete for regionals. Erin in currently 3rd in 1A/2A, if she can add a little more to her total, she has a chance of jumping in to 2nd and going to regionals.

Iyesha Trevino did not medal, but added to her total to keep her in 2nd place in the region in 1A/2A. If she can keep that position, she will advance to regionals in the 97 pound weight class.

Bobbi Ligocky did not place but hit her personal best in all three lifts. Destiny De Leon did not place, but hit her personal best in squat and bench press. Joshlynn Saucedo competed for the first time this year and hit her personal best in deadlift.

All the girls worked hard this weekend and will be back at it again on Saturday in Uvalde. After Saturday’s meet in Uvalde, The Crushers will be taking the following weekend off to prepare for the Crystal City Invitational on February 16th.