Knippa Takes 1st Place In District 31A Academic UIL Meet

posted Apr 3, 2017, 7:42 AM by Joe Cordova   [ updated Apr 3, 2017, 7:47 AM ]

Congratulations to Coach Neel, Knippa staff, & Knippa students for defending the High School Academic District Championship. The district meet was held in Knippa on March 22, the results are:

Calculator Applications
Mason Adams 1st
Rebekah Ramirez 2nd
Tressa Reading 3rd
Vincente Zavala 5th
Team 1st

Current Issues
Coby Gass 4th
Bryce Matthews 10th
Atlee McGuire 14th
Team 5th

Headline Writing
Bryce Matthews

Informative Speaking
Tressa Reading 1st
Atlee McGuire 2nd
Anna Packer 3rd

Mason Adams 1st
Jessica Dong 2nd
Rebekah Ramirez 3rd
Ryan Cox 4th
Team 1st

Number Sense
Mason Adams 1st
Jessica Dong 2nd
Ryan Cox 3rd
Rebekah Ramirez 6th
Team 1st

Persuasive Speaking
Breelee Neel 1st
Erin Garza 4th
Mayia Esquivel 5th

Ready Writing
Jennifer Dong 2nd
Breelee Neel 6th

Mason Adams 1st
Rebekah Ramirez 2nd
Ryan Cox 3rd
Andrew Rowland 11th
Team 1st
Rebekah Ramirez Alternate Biology
Mason Adams Top Chemistry

Social Studies
Coby Gass 4th

Spelling and Vocabulary
Jessica Dong 1st
Jennifer Dong 2nd
Bethany Keeney 4th
Gabby Menchaca 5th
Team 1st

Advancing to regional UIL meet on April 7th at Blinn College in Brenham are the following students.
Mason Adams
Ryan Cox
Jennifer Dong
Jessica Dong
Bethany Keeney
Bryce Matthews
Atlee McGuire
Gabby Menchaca
Breelee Neel
Anna Packer
Rebekah Ramirez
Tressa Reading
Andrew Rowland
Vincente Zavala