Knippa Varsity Tennis Team News

posted Feb 12, 2018, 9:04 AM by Joe Cordova   [ updated Feb 12, 2018, 10:49 AM ]

This past weekend was a great start for the Knippa Varsity Tennis Team. There were a total of 23 teams that competed in the Edison Bear's Tourney in San Antonio.

Boy's singles - Elias Alardin

Boy's Doubles - Jason Samarripa & Diego Esquivel - Isaac Andres & Vincent Zavala

Girl's Singles included - Candace Suarez & Mekaia Barnes

Girl's Doubles' included - Gabby Menchaca & Bethany Keeney - Liz- Figueroa-Silva & Emily Cortez

The first round began at 8:30 Am on Friday morning at McFarlin Tennis Center. Elias, Vincent and Isaac fell short in their fist match and were placed in the consolation bracket. Candace played a girl from Hutto and dominated  6 - 0 , 6 -1. She then fell short in her second round to Cole. McKaia dominated her first match against Jourdanton 6 - 2, 6 - 1 but fell short of to Uvalde in the second round. Bethany and Gabby beat Cole in their first round 6 - 0 , 6 - 0. Due to the weather, they did not get to play their second round until Saturday. That Saturday they fall short against Jefferson. Diego and Jason blew through their first match with a 6 - 2, 6 - 1 win. Saturday the played Lockheart They battled it out but fell short to them 8 - 6. Liz and Emily dominated Taft with a 6 - 4, 6 - 2 win. On Saturday they went on to play against Cole in the Semifinals. Our girls dominated Cole with an 8 - 5 win. Liz and Emily played Jefferson in the finals and lost 8 - 4. They took 2nd in the girl's doubles. The coaches are very proud of all the athletes, the weather hurt us this weekend but we hung in there. This was a great tournament for them.


The JV Tennis team took part in the Uvalde JV tournament this past weekend. There were 16 schools with over 200 tennis players represented. Each division had 16 entries. The results for the Rockcrushers are as followed.

Ashlynn Barboza and Sarah Esquivel took 2nd place in the Girls "A" doubles division.

Tanner Timmons finished 4th in the Boy's "A" singles division.

Rylee Dodson finished 6th and Madison Barkley finished 7th in the Girl's "A" singles division.

Luke Alejandro and Dakota Putz finished 6th in the Mixed "A" Doubles division.

Sabrina Maltos and Destiny DeLeon finished 6th in the Girl's "B" doubles division.

David and Samuel Mehrle participated in the Boy's "A" division.

Paige Balke and Victoria Quiroga participated in the Girl's "B" division.

Coach Speer and Coach Alejandro are very proud of the efforts that everyone had. All tennis players got to play 3 to 4 matches. It was a great start to the tennis season.