National School Lunch Week

posted Oct 15, 2018, 8:02 AM by Joe Cordova

Knippa ISD is excited to celebrate

National School Lunch Week from

October 15-19.


When young Texans

 “Level Up with a Healthy School Lunch”

 they feel the benefits of eating

 the whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy dairy

and lean protein their cafeteria offers. Leveling up the

day makes students winners in the classroom,

on the playground and in life.


We are making school lunches healthier and offer fresh produce every day.

·         All bread, pasta, crackers and tortillas are whole grain rich

·         Students have a daily choice of 3-4 fruits and/or vegetables

·         Lower sodium in breads, vegetables, processed foods and ketchup

·         More red/orange and dark green vegetables are being served every week

·         Fat free flavored milk and 1% white milk



We want to encourage all students to eat a healthy lunch every day.  If you pack lunches be sure to include servings of fruits and vegetables.

Next week we will be giving small daily prizes to students who eat a school lunch.


We have included next week’s menu on the back.  If you have any questions,

please let us know at

Monday       Chicken nuggets with whole grain breading,

                   brown rice, eggroll, green beans, celery and fruit


Tuesday       Pepperoni pizza with whole grain crust,

                   sweet potato tots, corn, carrots and fruit


Wednesday  Crispy beef tacos with whole grain shells, Spanish rice,

tossed salad, pinto beans and fruit


Thursday     Grilled cheese sandwich on whole grain bread,

                   peas, broccoli, whole grain pretzels and fruit


Friday           Chicken burger on whole grain bun, tator tots,

                   burger salad, baby carrots and fruit