Senior Spotlight - Laine Dillard

Date Posted: Thursday, April 16, 2020

Laine Dillard has been a student at Knippa School for almost five years. She began attending during her 8th grade year. Dillard has been active in UIL One-Act Play for three years and became involved in Yearbook this school year. “Both of these have been great experiences,” stated Dillard. Laine is one of my most reliable Yearbook students. She has taken on more responsibility this year and I know I can always count on her to get the job done right, expressed Austin James, yearbook advisor. A classmate of Dillard’s likes to tamper with her power points. Some of her funniest experiences have been when her classmate has inserted random pictures and funny stuff that make it hard to complete presentations without laughing. Dillard’s fondest memories are of learning Spanish with friends from Mexico. “Actually, all my friends made my high school years and I have great memories with each of them,” Dillard said. A major accomplishment for Dillard while attending school in Knippa has been coming out of her shell. As far as academics, she had a lot of fun taking Spanish. Dillard explained, “At first I didn’t understand it, but with help from Mrs. Gembler and my friends, I started to really enjoy learning Spanish.” Dillard expressed that she will definitely miss seeing her friends after graduation. “They always know try to bring me back when I am feeling down and I try to do the same for them.” Advice that Dillard has for students is that grades do not determine how smart you are, so don’t get discouraged by numbers. “What matters,” said Dillard, “is that you put in your best effort.” Dillard is not yet sure what she plans to do after graduation. She is interested in hairstyling and is considering cosmetology school. “A big thanks to my family for always believing in me and being supportive of my dreams,” voiced Dillard. “I am so blessed to have them.”