UIL State Congress Tournament

Date Posted: Monday, January 27, 2020

The UIL State Congress Tournament was held at the University of Texas and the Texas State Capitol on Tuesday, January 14 and Wednesday, January 15. Competing for Knippa High School were Bobbi Ligocky and Claire Dean. The preliminaries of the tournament were held on Tuesday and consisted of six hours of debate. Both Ligocky and Dean advanced out of the prelims to the Super Congress, which was held in the Capital. The Super Congress consisted of another six hours of debate. The result for Knippa were: Ligocky placed 5th and Dean accomplished 3rd place. Also attending the tournament was Jessica Dong, Tiffany Casey, and Coach Lee Neel. “It is very exciting to see Bobbi and Claire work so hard to prepare for this tournament and then to see them place as they did. I am very proud of them. It takes a tremendous amount of work to achieve this success,” said Neel.