Senior Spotlight - Jason Samarripa

Date Posted: Monday, March 2, 2020

Jason Samarripa has been a student at Knippa School since the 2nd grade. His fondest memory has been being a part of the 2018 State Team Tennis Meet. “It was the best meet,” stated Samarripa. His primary involvement in high school has been in tennis and Samarripa says he will miss tennis meets the most after graduation. "Jason has unbelievable intensity. He is the most talented and gifted tennis player that I have coached in the last 4 years" said assistant tennis coach, Steve Alejandro. “I've thoroughly enjoyed watching Jason grow and dominate on the tennis court. He is a very determined and driven young man and will succeed in whatever he puts his mind to. I wish him all the best,” tennis coach, Beth Speer declared. Samarripa's plans after graduation have not yet been determined. His goal is to “make something out of my life.” Advice he gives to students is to make school fun.