Staff Trainings

At Knippa ISD, safety is our first priority. The following steps and protocols are in place to insure the safety of students and staff.

  • Monthly staff trainings on campus safety
  • Yearly local law enforcement trainings
  • Law enforcement presence
  • School Threat Assessment training
  • Implementation of School Threat protocol
  • Implementation of anonymous reporting app on school website
  • Districtwide implementation of Standard Response Protocol safety measures
  • Stop the Bleed trainer - school nurse

  • Yearly Stop the Bleed training - 100% of staff
  • CPR certified - 100% staff
  • Yearly Mental Health training - 100% staff
  • Critical Incident Response training - year 2
  • Deescalation training
  • Best practices for Safety in Portable Instructional buildings
  • Digital Threat Assessment training
  • District-wide emergency notification system